Travel Pouch (Made of Trash)


These pouches are sewn from used plastic bags we found around us. So they don’t end up floating on the ocean (because who knows where they dispose our trash, right?), killing sea animals and eventually, us.

This pouch is made using up to 6 used plastic bags, used plastic straw & waterproof lining fabric.

Size: 15 x 20 x 3,5 (bottom)

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We realize how hard it is to go “zero waste” in such plastic-bag-loving society. So Misenio came up with a solution; let’s recycle—or even UPCYCLE them into stuffs we need that can be reused over and over! For that, our first pick is Travel Pouch.

About Misenio

We know how to refuse, reduce & reuse but do you know that only 9% of plastic waste get recycled? It’s a small number but we believe we can increase it together.

Darimana kantong plastik bekasnya?

Kantong plastik hingga saat ini masih dikumpulkan sendiri dari lingkungan sekitar Depok & Bali, ada juga donasi dari teman-teman yang sedang memulai zerowaste, dan sebagainya.

Misenio didirikan oleh kami yang hobi jalan-jalan ke pantai, dengan tujuan mencegah sampah-sampah plastik berakhir mencemari laut.

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